lunes, 22 de octubre de 2012

A William

A William, refugiado político

Por las noches,
En los albergues de la ciudad
Duermen los vagabundos.
Algunos son alcohólicos,
Otros se acuestan
O se despiertan chillando,
Y Will no es capaz de dormir.

He smells bad and breaths heavy
But really,
His eyes are clean
Like two big lakes.

He asks for one cigarette.
I make one for him.
I invite him for sitting by my side,
Because poorness is the worst
If you are totally alone
And felling totally lost
Cause of the language

He lives in a difficult situation.

I want to help him
I know his loneliness.
You can eat less
But you need people.
Perhaps I am wrong.
Just my imagination…

We are strangers
But now we are really near.
One in front of one
Writing a song in the night,
In the middle of the dark of the humanity,

We are two strangers
Sharing a pair of coins